Liz Phair Items Wanted By Yours Truly

Okay, this little page is here to let everyone know what Liz items are needed at the Mesmerizing headquarters. I will be listing various items, such as tapes, pictures and magazines/newspapers. Here's a short list for the time being:

  1. Girly Sound, the three tape version (ATTENTION: Liz, Tae, Chris, or someone who acquired copies from them... Help me out, PLEASE!)
  2. Samples of Liz's artwork (e.g. charcoal drawings)
  3. Information on Liz's internship with Nancy Spero and Leon Golub in New York
  4. Information on Liz's San Francisco / SOMA period
  5. Oberlin yearbooks, 1986-1989 (or color copies of the relevant pages featuring Liz)
  6. Girl Germs (zine made by members of Bratmobile (circa 1991)
  7. LA Weekly, July 16-22, 1993
  8. NewCity (Liz Phair on the cover, July, August, or September 1993?)
  9. Chicago Tribune Magazine, September 25, 1994
  10. A recording of complete VPRO-Holland Liz radio session
  11. The Stranger, April 12-18, 1995 (Seattle-based independent newspaper)
  12. SOMA, March 1996
  13. Any magazines / newspapers with Liz Phair (especially 1992 - 1994)
  14. White Chocolate Space Egg (promotional-only video EPK with live in-studio footage during the making of the album, run time 18:45) [NOTE: EPK = electronic press kit]
  15. The promotional CD sampler that was given out by an Oklahoma cable provider that contains the track "Take A Look" by Liz Phair.
  16. An official promotional CD or cassette of the forthcoming album.
  17. The promotional CD-R for Wheat's "Baby, It's Cold Outside".
  18. A recording of Liz Phair's appearance on San Francisco radio station KLLC-FM aka Alice @ 97.3.
  19. Something entitled "4th Album Roughs" (an early working version of what eventually became Liz Phair).
  20. Recordings of Liz's summer 2005 acoustic tour dates (especially the August 18-19 San Francisco shows)

If you have any of these items, email me at

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Last Updated: March 5, 2010