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Liz Phair has christened her fifth studio album Somebody's Miracle. Due October 4th via Capitol, the set was produced by John Alagia and John Shanks. Sources say the track list is stil in flux; snippets of five new tracks -- "Everything to Me", "Giving It All to You", "Somebody's Miracle", "Part of Me" and "Lost Tonight" -- began circulating online in May but it is unknown if they will make the final cut.

From FMQB:

Liz Phair's next studio album, Somebody's Miracle, will arrive in stores on October 4. Phair has lined up a brief, acoustic summer tour in advance of the record, with multiple night stands set for Philadelphia, New York City, Alexandria, VA, Los Angeles and San Francisco. She will also play Lollapalooza in her hometown of Chicago on July 23.

Here is the tracklisting (courtesy of the Liz Phair Forum):

  • Superstar (2:19)
  • Part Of Me (3:47)
  • Somebody's Miracle (3:20)
  • My Mistake (5:23)
  • Lost Tonight (4:11)
  • August (1:28)
  • Lazy Dreamer (4:01)
  • Stop By (3:34)
  • Working Man (2:54)
  • Slumbering Heart (1:59)
  • Giving It All To You (4:00)
  • Lucy (3:51)
  • Table For One (4:18)
  • Last (5:48)
  • Its Not That Easy (3:43) (Hidden Track)

One more item, from NARM:

Liz Phair, Capitol Records

Liz Phair's deeply clever and candid songs have been commanding attention from day one and her new album Somebody's Miracle is perhaps the strongest link yet in an incomparable musical chain. After her homemade Girlysound tapes quickly made the rounds among Chicago's indie tastemakers in the early 90s, Liz followed up with Exile in Guyville which is considered to be one of the most accomplished debut albums for any artist in any genre. Somebody's Miracle due to hit stores October 4 is a testament to her continuing maturity as a composer and performer with songs about love, loss and longing.

[Thanks to the folks on the Liz Phair Forum for the info.]

06-28-05: RADIO LIZ
This just in:

Liz will be filling in for Eric & Kathy on The Mix Morning show on Friday, July 1st in Chicago. The Mix is WTMX-FM 101.9.

Eric & Kathy are on vacation and starting Wednesday, June 29th, they will have a different musician filling in for them. Wednesday is Pat Monoghan from Train, Thursday is Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies (I forget which), and on Friday Liz will be the host.

Though the show is broadcast in the Chicago area fans, the station streams on the web. You can listen to a live stream from their website. Here is the link.

[Thanks to the Brett Marlow for the link.]

Just added:

You can purchase tickets here.

[Thanks to the rt6970 and Brett Marlow for the link / info.]

I just found some more pictures (3 to be exact) of Liz performing at the Sony Playstation 2005 E3 Party.

You can see the pictures here, here, and here (backed by Jimmy Eat World). You can see the non-Liz pics of the party here.

[Thanks to the Justin Drust for the pictures.]

From the July 2005 issue of Spin:

Phair and Balanced
On her fifth album, Liz Phair embraces her new and old selves

Liz Phair remembers very well the outrage caused by her desicion to embrace Matrix-produced pop on her self-titled 2003 album. "I would put on the record and just be like, 'It's perfectly pleasant. It ain't gonna hurt you!'" she says. "I think everybody's a little too tight-assed in the music world about staying in their camp."

For the tenatively titled Somebody's Miracle, which she recorded in February with producer John Alagia, Phair says she's scuffed up the shiney finish-a bit. "I wouldn't say it sounds like old Liz Phair but it's definately more band-driven than pop. The last record had a lot more shebang in the production; this has a lot more emphasis on the songs."

These songs are heavy with relationship themes. On the title track, Phair watches a couple on the street in "their own little universe". "Stop By" is about a middle-aged woman in love with a man who's holding back. "Table for One" was written from the perspective of Phair's brother, when he was a teenage alcoholic.

The new album picks up where Liz Phair left off -- with Phair, 38, infatuated with youthful men. "Lazy Dreamer" is about my boyfriend, who's younger than I am", she says. "Sometimes he reminds me of a teenager. Some men have that boyishness; they're like puppies."

Sigh. At least it's more informative than the Detroit Free Press article...

By the way, I will have this in the articles section, once I have the actual magazine in hand...

[Thanks to the Kgry for the transcription (since my local bookstores don't have it on their shelves yet).]

06-20-05: [INSERT JOKE HERE]
From the Detroit Free Press:

Rocking the cradle

From the pages of Spin magazine comes word that randy rocker Liz Phair, 38, loves men... especially younger men.

And she says their devotion to her is like that of a puppy.

In her upcoming album, Phair reveals, "'Lazy Dreamer' (a single from the album) is about my boyfriend, who's younger than I am. Sometimes he reminds me of a teenager. Some men have that boyishness; they're like puppies."


At least we have some definitive information regarding the forthcoming album...

[Once again, thanks to the Brett Marlow for the info and link.]

Just added:

You can purchase tickets to the Friday, August 12th show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA here.

[Thanks to the Brett Marlow for the link.]

Just added:

You can purchase tickets to the Friday, August 5th show at the Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, VA here. You can purchase tickets to the Thursday, August 11th show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA here.

[Thanks to the Brett Marlow for the link.]

06-09-05: MORE LIZ NEWS

Liz Phair Lines Up Acoustic Tour
By Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

As first reported here in April, Liz Phair will hit the road this summer for a solo acoustic tour, during which she will preview material from her upcoming studio album. After an appearance at Lollapalooza on July 23-24 in Chicago, the trek will begin July 26 in Boston and wrap Aug. 19 in San Francisco.

Phair's as-yet-untitled album is due in September via Capitol. Snippets of five new tracks -- "Everything to Me", "Giving It All to You", "Somebody's Miracle", "Part of Me" and "Lost Tonight" -- began circulating online early last month but it is unknown if they will make the final cut.

The album will be the follow-up to Phair's self-titled 2003 release, which has sold 407,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

[Thanks to the Jonathan Cohen / Billboard for the report.]


Liz is excited to announce her summer 2005 tour plans: after a quick stop in Chicago to perform at Lollapalooza, Liz will embark on an acoustic tour, hitting intimate venues in 9 cities. Join Liz for an evening of music from Exile in Guyville, Whip-Smart, whitechocolatespacegg, and her recent self-titled release. Liz will also preview some new songs from her fortcoming record (due in September).

Here are the dates:

You can purchase tickets to the Wednesday, August 10th show at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA here.

[Thanks to the Michael and Brett Marlow for the info.]

Liz is scheduled to play at the Crocodile Club in Seattle, WA on Tuesday, August 16th. You can purchase tickets here.

[Thanks to the Brett Marlow for the link.]

Liz is scheduled to play at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA on Tuesday, July 26th. You can purchase tickets here.

[Thanks to the Brett Marlow for the link.]

06-02-05: LIZ ON TOUR
Liz is scheduled to play at Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, VA on Thursday, August 4th. You can purchase tickets here.

[Thanks to the Brett Marlow for the link.]

From GameZone:

Sony Playstation 2005 E3 Party Rock On!
By Aceinet

Amazing array of talent takes the stage to entertain invite-only crowd

The E3 Sony party has been the party of legend the past couple of years. This was the first time I had the opportunity to attend the party. At first I wasn't sure if I even wanted to attend the party because of the stress of attending E3. I'll save that for another article but let's just say that, for me, this was probably the most amazing party I have ever attended.

The evening started out on a rather long bus ride to the party. The party was being held at a hilltop overlooking Dodger Stadium. Once we arrived at the stadium we then had to hop on cart shuttle to ride up to the top. The first item that grabbed my attention was the amount of lights filling up the sky at the party. Once on top of the hill I could see a large tent setup that was filled with people.

Inside the tent was a table setup with Chinese food and a bar. Outside the tent was a large stage setup for special music guest Jimmy Eat World. Not being a big fan of their music (sorry, I only know one of their songs) my fellow GameZoner, Michael Lafferty, and I walked around some more. To my surprise was another full tent setup with another area for food and a bar. As we kept walking around I counted at least 4 bars and 3 areas offering food. This is probably a low count on the real number, but it was all amazing to me. I just couldn't imagine Sony going all out on this event, but it seems this is the standard every year.

After Jimmy Eat World was done performing the stage crew was working on setting up the stage for the next musical act. No one really knew who the act would be but the rumor near the stage was it was going to be . I had heard of Camp Freddy and knew that it was a superstar cover band. But since we didn't know for sure if it was Camp Freddy we didn't make a move for a closer spot near the stage. We were probably 10 to 15 away from the stage so we still had a great spot (and back far enough to run away if it was the other rumored performer, Ashlee Simpson).

I noticed two drum sets on the stage and told Michael that not many bands have two drummers. But then I spotted Matt Sorum from Velvet Revolver behind one of the drum kits. I thought that maybe Velvet Revolver was going to be playing but knew that probably wouldn't be possible. But then again it is the Sony party so anything was possible. Soon I noticed guitarist John 5 on stage, who has played for David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson and recently Rob Zombie. Then the rest of the band was on stage and honestly I didnt recognize the rest of them (sorry guys). But the band was on fire ripping through some classic tracks that had almost everyone in the crowd excited.

During the rest of the set the following musicians came on stage to jam with the band: Billy Duffy (The Cult), Tone Loc, Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Mark McGrath (Puddle of Mudd), Liz Phair, actress Juliette Lewis, Scott Weiland and Brandon Boyd (Incubus). I'm sure I might be missing a few names but I almost lost track off the superstars up on stage playing with the band. The set list was composed of songs from Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, The Cult, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Cheap Trick. As far as song titles go, I'm sorry I just can't remember. I was having a blast just jumping around, watching the musicians play and having a great time.

Since this party was so amazing I don't know how it could get any better for me. How many people can say they've seen that many musicians all on the same stage in one night? For me seeing everyone having a blast playing on stage reminded me that playing music is supposed to be fun, just like gaming. If these guys can have fun then why shouldn't we have fun playing games?

[Thanks to the Aceinet / GameZone for the report.]

From Gaming Horizon:

Sony E3 Party Details

Every year, Sony holds its annual E3 party in Los Angeles. Media, developers, publishers, and whoever Sony wants to invite attends this party. This year was held at the Dodger Stadium where Jimmy Eat World opened up the night playing tunes off their latest CD. They knew how to pump the crowd for the whole lineup of guests after their set.

Soon after Jimmy Eat World left the stage, Kaz Hirai came up and said "get ready for more!". Then he went on to say, "Do you know what time it is?", "It's time to party!". A "get together" band called, Camp Freddy approached the stage with members from several well-known bands such as Janes Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Sex Pistols, Alice in Chains, The Cult, Manson, Incubus, and Tone Loc. Oh yeah, Liz Phair and Juliette Lewis were there on stage as well.

The entertainment and all the food made it such a great night. Once again, Sony has done an exceptionally well with setting up a party. Don't ask how we got the set list! Until next year...

Sony Party Setlist

Is that Liz Phair at the Sony PlayStation Party?
Taken from Sidekick.

-Tim Grube
[POSTED: 05/22/05]

[Thanks to the Tim Grube / Gaming Horizon for the report.]

From the Washington Post:

Its E-party central
After video games expo, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo let 'er rip

LOS ANGELES - Here at E3, the Vatican conclave of the video game industry (only much louder), it's Sony's PlayStation 3 vs. Microsoft's Xbox 360. The new Xbox made the rounds, and Sony showed off dizzying specs for its new baby, due next year. Publicists are blowing smoke about both, but really it comes down to this: Which giant throws the best private party?

The global gaming industry appears to have picked up where old Hollywood, the anemic record industry and long-forgotten dot-coms left off -- throwing a week's worth of mass shebangs that get bigger every year, bigger even than what Vanity Fair and Elton John have done to Oscar night, minus designer gowns. E3 (shorthand for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the 11th annual L.A.-based confab of all things video game) could never just be another industry convention. Partywise, it's an all-out war. It feels like the late '90s again.

Imagine the shouting match:

Microsoft: We've got the Killers! The Chemical Brothers! We're at the Shrine Auditorium!

Sony: Oh yeah? We're way up on a hill, overlooking Dodger Stadium, with a spectacular view of Los Angeles! We've got Jimmy Eat World! Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols! Brandon Boyd of Incubus! Liz Phair!

(Nintendo, the most modest of the three game leaders, played host to a relatively intimate yet still lavish party at the Highlands -- a club in the same megacomplex on Hollywood Boulevard where the Academy Awards are held -- with Maroon 5 as the musical act.)

From skampy:

Is that Liz Phair at the Sony PlayStation Party?

Sony PlayStation Party
The so-called all stars of rock - Liz Phair, Scott Weiland, some Puddle Of Mudd yahoo, some Incubus yahoo, Tone Loc, Jonesy, Juliette Lewis, etc. etc.

More skampy comments: "Too bad [Liz] sorta sucked and looked like a skank. She was my hero up to whitechocolatespaceegg and now i got no love for her."

[Thanks to the Jose Antonio Vargas / for the article and skampy for the on-site report.]

From USA Today:

Electronic Entertainment Expo: A big, big show

Farewell bash: Sony's Thursday night party traditionally marks the beginning of the end of E3, mainly because the free drinks leave many attendees missing their Friday appointments. (But not us.)

The festival-like party took place in the Dodger Stadium parking lot so there was an impressive view of L.A. as a backdrop. The band Jimmy Eat World started things off and about 500 gathered around the stage while a few thousand more navigated a compound of tents dispensing Japanese food, tacos and other fare.

Next on stage was the celebrity cover band Camp Freddy, made up of Billy Morrison (The Cult), drummer Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver), Chris Chaney (Jane's Addiction) and singer Donovan Leitch, whose father is folk singer Donovan. Guest stars included guitarist Jerry Cantrell, Juliette Lewis and Liz Phair, who sang Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love".

Also on the bill, Mini Kiss, a Kiss cover band made up of little people complete with authentic makeup. I am not making this up.

Mike Snider Posted at 1:45 p.m. ET

[Thanks to the Mike Snider / USA Today for the report.]

Liz Phair attended the premiere of HBO's Six Feet Under at Graumans Chinese Theatre on May 17, 2005 in Hollywood, California.

Musician Liz Phair arrives to the premiere of HBO's 'Six Feet Under' at Graumans Chinese Theatre on May 17, 2005 in Hollywood, California.

Singer Liz Phair (photo by Jean-Paul Aussenard/

[Thanks to the HBO for the report.]

From World Cafe:

Our Phair Lady:
Liz Phair Sets the Stage for Summer at World Cafe Live.

As a writer and performer of often provocative, sometimes erotic and always unsparingly honest rock 'n' roll songs, Liz Phair never fails to arouse a response. Accordingly, World Cafe Live is thrilled to present, in conjunction with our friends at WXPN and PW-Philadelphia Weekly, two unforgettable nights with this American maverick. PW-Philadelphia Weekly, WXPN, and World Cafe Live welcome Liz Phair. Two Shows! Friday, July 29th & Saturday, July 30th. (On sale Friday, June 10th at 1pm.)

[Thanks to the Andrea Weiss for the info.]

Liz Phair and Dino Meneghin at 'Elmer Ave. vs. The World' fashion event presented by Flaunt Magazine, Quixote Studios, Hollywood, CA, May 13th, 2005 - Photo credit: Liz Phair at 'Elmer Ave. vs. The World' fashion event presented by Flaunt Magazine, Quixote Studios, Hollywood, CA, May 13th, 2005 - Photo credit:
Liz Phair at 'Elmer Ave. vs. The World' fashion event presented by Flaunt Magazine, Quixote Studios, Hollywood, CA, May 13th, 2005 - Photo credit: Liz Phair at 'Elmer Ave. vs. The World' fashion event presented by Flaunt Magazine, Quixote Studios, Hollywood, CA, May 13th, 2005 - Photo credit:
Liz Phair and Dino Meneghin at 'Elmer Ave. vs. The World' fashion
event presented by Flaunt Magazine, Quixote Studios, Hollywood,
CA, May 13th, 2005
(Photo credit:

Liz and Dino Meneghin attended the Elmer Ave. vs. The World Fashion Event presented by Flaunt Magazine at Quixote Studios in Hollywood, CA on Friday, May 13th.

[Thanks to for the pictures.]

From The Village Recording Studios:

Full Moon; Full House At The Village

The lovely Liz Phair tracked new songs in Studio B with Carolina-based producer John Alagia, engineer Brian Scheuble and assistant engineer Jeff Robinette.

For your information, this was in March...

Producer John Alagia, Liz Phair, Guitarist Dino Meneghin, Engineer Brian Scheuble, Assistant Engineer Jeff Robinette at Village Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Producer John Alagia, Liz Phair, Guitarist Dino Meneghin, Engineer Brian Scheuble, Assistant Engineer Jeff Robinette at Village Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Producer John Alagia, Liz Phair, John Mayer stopped by to say 'hi' at Village Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA
Producer John Alagia, Liz Phair, John Mayer stopped by to say "hi" at Village Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA

[Thanks to the Village Recording Studios for the link.]

It appears Liz has recently recorded at Klown Records in Santa Monica, California. Owned by Steve Bruno, Klown is a 10-room multimedia music complex. According to the Klown Records website, Liz was a recent client. Here is photographic evidence:

Liz Phair and Stevo Bruno at Klown Records in Santa Monica, CA

[Thanks to Klown Records for the link.]

I found this amusing video Liz made to promote D'Addario strings. You can watch this QuickTime video here.

This really isn't a news item, but I wasn't sure where to put this, so I decided this will do (for now).

I've created a new section entitled "Random". These are Liz / related items that I happen to come across. We'll see how it goes. You can visit that page here.

[Thanks to the following folks who contributed items to the random section: Joel Tachau, Max Lang, and Mark Persic.]

You can preview selections from Liz Phair's forthcoming album at promosquad. Selections include:

[Thanks to the following folks from the Liz Phair Forum: paresse for the link and JeremyEngle for the song titles.]

From The Nashville City Paper:

Riabko proves a budding talent
By Ron Wynn
April 29, 2005

He hasn't hit his 18th birthday, yet Canadian guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Kyle Riabko has the kind of soulful edge and relaxed, confident delivery that would be impressive in a performer two decades older. He's also a huge fan of venerable greats like Buddy Guy and B.B. King, and not only knows but can credibly illustrate the stylistic differences between such genres as jump, shuffle, Piedmont and Chicago blues.

Riabko's skills have also been noticed by many top players, as witnessed from the guest list on Before I Speak. Liz Phair joins him for a powerhouse blues-rock tune "Chemistry", while drummer Michael Bland (whose past associations include a lengthy stint with Prince) and keyboardist Vince Jones (now a member of Sarah McLachlan's group) compose the primary backing trio.

From Kyle Riabko's website:

On the rocker "Chemistry", Kyle is joined by Liz Phair. "It's our white boy/girl version of the hip-hop guest-spot phenomenon," Kyle offers. "She just slams down a couple of verses and provides some lady-having-a-nice-time noises throughout the rest of the tune. I wanted her because, to me, she represents sexuality in such a mature yet fun-loving way. We're talking about the creator of Exile in Guyville! That woman is sly." Pedal steel phenomenon Robert Randolph "one of the best musician friends I've made over the past year" trades licks with Riabko on the gospel-rooted "Carry On".

To hear Liz on the track "Chemistry", click here.

The album Before I Speak is available in stores now.

[Thanks to Ron Wynn / The Nashville City Paper, Kyle Riabko, and Supernova for the info.]

From the Billboard:

Liz Phair is currently at work on her next Capitol studio album, but has begun making plans to share the music with live audiences. As previously reported, Phair will play her first show since September at Lollapalooza, which will be held July 23-24 in Chicago's Grant Park.

In August, the artist will embark on an acoustic tour to perform selections from the upcoming disc, has learned. Details of the project, including its title and release date, have not been finalized, but Phair has logged time at Los Angeles' Village Studio with producer Dino Meneghin.

The new album will be the follow-up to Phair's self-titled 2003 release, which has sold 405,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

[Thanks to Jonathan Cohen / for the info.]

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Liz Phair, Weezer, Pixies On Reinvented Lollapalooza bill


The Texas-based promoters of the revitalized Lollapalooza, scheduled to be held at Hutchinson Field in Grant Park, won't announce the official lineup until Friday, but several artists already have confirmed that they will be playing the festival on July 23-24.

According to the bands' Web sites and record labels, the acts will include former Chicagoan Liz Phair, alternative-rock heroes Weezer, the jam band Widespread Panic and reunited indie-rock legends the Pixies and Dinosaur Jr., as well as lesser-known artists Tegan and Sara and the Kaiser Chiefs.

Beck, who is touring behind his new album Guero, and the Kings of Leon, whose song "Molly's Chambers" inspires those giddy, jumping Gen-Y youths in a ubiquitous new car commercial, also are rumored to be performing, although those acts could not be confirmed.

In a departure from Lollapalooza tours of the past, corporate sponsorship will play a role in the newly reconfigured concert, with participants including an online travel agency and a hair-removal product aimed at teenagers, as evidenced by an ad in the new issue of Jane magazine.

"Lollapalooza is back [and] I'll be there with my miniskirt on and no nicks and cuts from a razor thanks to [a popular] depilatory!" Jane writer Miriam Blankenship gushes in an advertisement for a Lollapalooza sweepstakes that also promotes staying at the Hotel Monaco and dining at Frontera Grill.

Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell, who retains a small stake in the concert, is joining the new owners and promoters, Capital Sports & Entertainment of Austin, Texas, at a news conference Friday morning to announce the full lineup of 70 bands on five stages. They also are expected to give details about ticket sales and prices.

A limited advance offering of 2,000 tickets priced at $35 each sold out on April 7, but the Chicago Park District is expected to approve a capacity of at least 30,000 per day in exchange for Lollapalooza's donation of about $250,000 for park improvements.

[Thanks to Jim DeRogatis / Chicago Sun-Times for the info.]

From MusicTAP:

Capitol moves include Linda Ronstadt's The Best of Linda Ronstadt, which moves from July 19 to August 16 and Liz Phair's upcoming album changes to September 27 from July 26.

[Thanks to Brett Marlow and Millertime428 on the Liz Phair Forum for the info.]


Inside Move: Love digs 'Deep'
Musician cast as Lovelace in new biopic

HOLLYWOOD -- There's more inside the original Deep Throat. Courtney Love is attached to star as Linda Lovelace in a biopic tentatively titled Lovelace. Project is being developed through Jason Blum's Blumhouse Prods., with Merritt Johnson writing the script.

Pic will trace Lovelace's life from 17 until she died in 2002 at 53.

Producing with Blum and Love is her manager, Jason Weinberg, a partner at Untitled Entertainment.

Inside Deep Throat producer Brian Grazer originally wanted to produce a Lovelace biopic. He optioned her autobiography, Ordeal, but eventually rejected that approach as too depressing. Directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, Inside Deep Throat has earned just under $600,00 since its release Feb. 11.

Although Love has been best known of late for her court appearances, she received a Golden Globe nom in 1996 for Milos Forman's The People vs. Larry Flynt and starred opposite Jim Carrey in Forman's Man on the Moon. She stars in Julie Johnson alongside Lili Taylor and Mischa Barton. That pic will be released through Regent Releasing May 25.

Blum has a first-look deal with HBO Films. He's currently in post on the tentatively titled The Darwin Awards, starring Winona Ryder and Joseph Fiennes. He produced Hysterical Blindness and the upcoming The Fever, both for HBO.


Courtney Love wrapped work in 2000 on the drama Julie Johnson, which was a hit at Sundance in 2001, but it took this long for the film to find a home it's now slated to premiere on June 1 on the gay network Here! (available via DIRECTV and DISH Network, and on cable in major markets). In the flick, Love plays Claire, who becomes more than friends with Lili Taylor. Taylor portrays the titular character, a desperate New Jersey housewife on a quest to revamp her life (The OC's Mischa Barton plays Taylor's daughter Lisa). Liz Phair contributed four songs to the soundtrack.

[Thanks to Brett Marlow and Jason Long for the info.]


Comprised exclusively of work by female artists, Charmed: The Book of Shadows soundtrack includes the song "Take It Off", from the Donnas, "Take A Look" from Liz Phair, Vanessa Carlton's "San Francisco" the setting for Charmed Dido's "Sand In My Shoes", "Unbroken", courtesy of Australias Missy Higgins, "I Close My Eyes", from Shivaree, and "Home", from Zero 7. Rounding out the set are cutting-edge remixes previously heard only in clubs, among them a retooling of Sarah McLachlan's "Fallen" by Dan the Automator, Butterfly Boucher's "I Cant Make Me" by Chris Lord-Alge, Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces Of Me" by David Garcia and High Spies, and Sarah Brightman's "Free" by the Swiss American Federation.

[Thanks to and for the info.]

From MusicTAP:

Capitol Records adds a new projected release for sexy Liz Phair scheduling for a July 26 date.

Liz, if you happen to be reading this, email me and give me some more details! ;-)

[Thanks to anthontherun on the Liz Phair Forum for the info.]

From Pollstar:

Going Once, Going Twice

Starting on the morning of January 25, music fans have six days to bid on memorabilia and, in the process, help the tsunami victims in Asia.

Donations include a signed guitar from Maroon5, and personalized items from Switchfoot, Gavin Degraw, Ryan Adams, Toby Keith, Cyndi Lauper, Jessica & Ashlee Simpson, Liz Phair, 311, Norah Jones, and John Mayer. There will also be signed items from Gretchen Wilson and others.

To bid on the auction, go to eBay and use the keyword "Rock for Relief."

The death toll from the December 26th tsunami has reached 220,000. The auction benefits the American Red Cross International Response Fund and is spearheaded by Contemporary Productions.

Added 01-25-05: Here's the link to Liz's contribution to the "Rock for Relief" auction: a signed poster, also signed by the band Wheat.

[Thanks to Pollstar / eBay for the info.]

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