Liz Phair On "Sancho", "Stereo Romance", And Other Topics (December 13th, 2011)

Liz Phair performs at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA, August 18th, 2011. (Photo credits: Ken Lee)

Here is an update from Liz regarding "Sancho", "Stereo Romance", VH1, school / sleeping habits / parenting, and one other thing...

Liz: I just watched the "Sancho" video -- so cool to be on Funny or Die! It was fun to see everybody again. Great cast of characters! I love how it turned out, but really, we could have used an extra minute to give everybody's performance more play; there were so many funny dudes involved. Plus, I'm tremendously relieved it doesn't look like a porno. Shooting multiple takes in compromising positions with strangers was harder than I thought it would be! Props to actors.

As for "Stereo Romance" -- I'm not sure how it will be made available. I wrote it for someone in particular almost as a gift and the film wanted to license it, so I'll think about that. Seems like it should be put up on iTunes or something.

Just sat down for a VH1 session this afternoon - was named as one of the "100 Great Women in Music" for one of their specials. Hot diggity dawg. Kind of a nice boost for a rainy Monday.

Counting the days until school lets out for the holidays and I can resume my natural 2am-10am sleep cycle. Honestly? The ONLY thing I don't like about being a parent is the stupid hours. I think we should change the world and put families on different tracks -- like shifts -- for the early and late risers. Where is it written that getting up at 6am is good for anyone???? :)

Happy holidays to you, Ken. I still have that bag of unreleased cassettes... We should just plan a time to meet, you find a cassette player and just deal with it. I feel like I never will. Xxx Liz

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First Posted: December 13th, 2011