Liz Phair Interview

On the eve of the East Coast portion of her Funstyle tour, it was time for my monthly check-up with Liz Phair. Here are the resulting email exchanges.

Ken: How was your Thanksgiving?

Liz: Sooo good. Went home to Chicago -- saw many friends and family. Truly perfect and soul sustaining.

Ken: How did the "crying" essay for life by me come about?

Liz: A friend of mine introduced me to Sophie Chiche via email and she asked me if I would contribute an essay to her ebook. I thought it was a brave and beautiful idea and embraced the chance to be honest and help someone who might be reading that needed to know it was ok to feel bad. Not all situations in life need to be dealt with using a rah-rah approach.

Ken: I see Chris Brokaw will be opening for you in New York and Philadelphia. Any chance he'll join you onstage?

Liz: He'll be onstage the whole time, adjusting my train, making sure my petticoats stay fluffed...

Ken: During the San Francisco show back in October, you mentioned you had just written a new song. Will you be performing any new songs on this leg of the tour?

Liz: I believe my dance card is full, so to speak, but you never know. Spontaneity is something I like to engage in onstage. I guess we'll see.

Ken: Will there be any changes to your setlist for this part of the tour?

Liz: I'm getting "Bollywood" tracks sans my vocal and might attempt a very low-fi rendition... Rapping! Yay, more controversy. We're going to add a few new old songs, too.

Ken: You were in the studio during your brief break from touring. When will we get to hear some of the fruits of your labor?

Liz: What I was recording was a very personal song to someone in particular and unless he releases it or authorizes its being shared... ;)

Ken: What new music have you been listening to recently?

Liz: I'm in love with Madi Diaz and also liking Mumford & Sons.

Ken: Is there a question you would liked to be asked? And how would you answer said question?

Liz: Will you marry me? And yes.

Ken: Did you finally get the iPhone 4?

Liz: Not yet. How sad am I?

Ken: Or iPad?

Liz: I think I might want a Kindle more...

Ken: Done Christmas shopping?

Liz: Not even started. Have you?? Worried more about the Christmas card at this point...

Ken: Good luck on tour! :)

Liz: Thanks Ken. You are the best. Xxxx

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Last Updated: December 7, 2010