Liz Phair On Filming A Video (February 18th, 2012 with February 19th, 2012 and February 20th, 2012 addenda)

Liz Phair performs at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA, August 18th, 2011. (Photo credits: Ken Lee)

Here is an update from Liz Phair... On Autumn Boukadkis's twitter feed, she mentioned that Liz was filming a video (specific tweets here and here).

Ken: Hi Liz. Just heard you were filming a video near Austin, Texas... Is this true?

Liz: Yeah, we just wrapped the first day. Wow was that cold!!! We're shooting vid for "And He Slayed Her". Looks super cool. Joey and Paul Boukadakis directing. Kip McClanahan of ACL co-producing with us. Funny anecdote -- yes, you're in Texas -- we were filming me driving muscle car on back roads with police escort when we all hear automatic gunfire. Cops peal out to ascertain. Come back, all clear, then pop pop pop pop pop. More of the same. Neighbor shooting off 30 rounds AK-47. You know, target practice. ;) Tomorrow should prove just as intense if the treatment is to be believed. Will send along some pics later. Looks awesome. Very badass. Xxx

Here are the pictures from the filming of the video (with comments from Liz):

The badass mobile (my chariot)

My stunt driver double :)


Joey giving direction to Scott (me)

Getting ready

Rigging the car mount

Joey & Paul (directors) at the gas station

Gas station

(This photo courtesy of Mike Bullock.)

Last pic, I promise

(This photo courtesy of Mike Bullock.)

For more pictures from Liz's music video shoot, visit ProductionFor's Facebook photo set.

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