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Oh dear, I have neglected the links page far too long. So many sites have come and gone. I will attempt to have active links listed here. Eventually, I will include the dead links from classic Liz sites from days past. If you want them all now, go visit my old archived site.

Liz Phair
The official Liz Phair website.

Rocket Science Liz Phair Page
Rocket Science's page for Liz Phair.

ATO Records Liz Phair Page
ATO Records' Artists page for Liz Phair.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing Liz Phair Page
Sony/ATV Music Publishing's page for Liz Phair. (Type "Liz Phair" in the search box.)

Paradigm Talent Agency Liz Phair Page
Paradigm Talent Agency's page for Liz Phair.

Liz Phair Official Store (Sony Music Digital)
The official Liz Phair store -- get your Funstyle gear here!

A-Squared Managment Liz Phair Page
A-Squared Managment's page for (former client) Liz Phair.

Trampoline Records Liz Phair Page
Trampoline Records' Liz Phair page.

Matador Records Liz Phair Page
Matador Records' Liz Phair page (which hasn't been updated in a decade).

Liz Phair on MySpace
Liz's MySpace page, which hasn't been updated in a while.

Liz Phair on Facebook
Liz's Facebook page, which was updated recently.

Girly Sound
Most of Liz's legendary Girly Sound cassettes can be heard here.

Never Said:: A Liz Phair Discography
The return of the Liz discography created and maintained by Charles Miller.

Aaron Walker's classic Liz Phair website.

Little Guyville
This was the very first Liz Phair website -- from South Africa!!!

Support System - A Liz Phair Mailing List & Fan Resource
Formerly the 6'1" Mailing List, this is the current active Liz Phair fan mailing list, maintained by Jason Long.

Liz Phair Guitar Tabs
Liz Phair guitar tabs courtesy of Raymond Lew. [He started off with a Liz lyrics site when he was at USC, and later worked for Capitol Records designing Liz's official site.]

Cool, Tall, Vunerable, and Luscious
A Liz site, ran by Jennifer Sayler.

The Dslao Page - a Liz Phair page in French
A Liz site from France, created by Fabrice Antonmattei (not updated since 2004).

bliss & phetish: A "Liz Phair Musical Information Warehouse"
A Liz site created by Jeff Doak, which later relocated to...

bliss & phetish: A "Liz Phair Online Music Database"
A Liz site created by Jeff Doak.

Liz Phair Fan Site
An unofficial fansite of Liz Phair.

A tumblr of all things Liz Phair, run by Sarah May Scott.

Phair Fans
The newest Liz Phair fansite, run by Viv.

Liz Related Sites

Tae Won Yu
This is Tae Won Yu's website.

Chris Brokaw
This is Chris Brokaw's website.

Ashtray Boy
This is Ashtray Boy's website.

Brad Wood
This is Brad Wood's website.

Casey Rice
This is Casey Rice's website.

Urge Overkill
This is the official Urge Overkill site, coming soon.

Ben Lee
This is the official Ben Lee website.

Matador Records
Matador Records

This was Liz Phair's record label for Exile in Guyville, Whip-Smart, and whitechocolatespaceegg.

Minty Fresh Records
Minty Fresh Records

This is the record label that put out Liz's "Carnivore" single.

Capitol Records
This was Liz Phair's record label for whitechocolatespaceegg, Liz Phair, and Somebody's Miracle

ATO Records
This label released the Exile in Guyville 15th Anniversary reissue.

Rocket Science
Liz's current label.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing
This is Liz Phair's music publisher.

Paradigm Talent Agency
This is the talent agency currently representing Liz.

Phillip B. Phair
This is the official website of Phillip B. Phair, Liz's brother in exile! (link provided by Liz herself!)

Wow, I just found out that this site still exists! Originally created by Meredith Robbins (of Exile in Netville fame), the site is currently run by Matthew George (who ran the Strange Loop site).

Formerly known as Womenfolk, this site is run by Robbie McCown (who ran The Slick Divide website).

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