For People Like Us - Bryan Master

Format: CD
Label: Bonavox Records 884501481700
Country: USA
Release Date: March 15, 2011
Length: 52:09
Notes: Liz is featured on "backing vocals" on the track "Let Me Come in". This pairing was set up by producer Evan Frankfort (who works with Liz on television scoring projects).

  1. Moments Like This (Don't Come Along For People Like Us) (4:13)
  2. A Man For Others (4:34)
  3. All The Way To The Top (4:14)
  4. Born Out Of The Breakdown (3:00)
  5. Let Me Come In (featuring Liz Phair) (4:39)
  6. An Irish Goodbye (featuring Jordan Zevon) (4:10)
  7. Lost Angeles (Joey's Song) (4:56)
  8. Independence Day (4:54)
  9. Karmacide (4:02)
  10. Paddle Out (4:05)
  11. Wake Up... A Nickle's Worth Of Free Advice (featuring Don McCloskey) (4:21)
  12. A Pocket Full Of Dreams (5:05)
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